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Dear valued customer,

The flexibility and range of ocean services offered PT. Transporindo Agung Sejahtera,

provide economical alternatives to our customers, thus avoiding them from other more expensive modes of transportation.

PT. Transporindo Agung Sejahtera is a company engaged in the field of courier and delivery of goods by container for transfer to various cities fit your purposes.

With branches in major cities of Indonesia (Medan, Jakarta, Surabaya, Makassar) as well as agent and partner networks from Sabang to Merauke and supported fleet of trucks / trailers of their own, we are confident to provide the best solution for your shipping needs and expedition


Why Choose PT. Transporindo Agung Sejahtera?

Have you ever experienced unpleasantly logistic shipment service as below?

Container delivery often arrive miss scheduled as if promised even failure delivery with certain unexplainable excuses.

Shipping information such as container number and name of vessel indeed to insurance policy, customers` invoicing, etc must be demanding repeatedly from transporter.

Containers often not departed either delayed from estimated shipping schedule without earlier information from transporter. After unloading container processed, the delivery note of shipped cargo returned to customers often overlong, causing delay payment from buyer.

Transporter unable to assure either predicted of unloading containers ever since the vessel had berth to destination port, and causing delayed in customers` distribution.

Transporter`s phone number often unreachable, and customers unable to communicate and collect information, can make an insecure suggestive of shipped cargo..